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Bosch appliances Southampton is a brand that has a well-known name across the whole of the U.K and is a brand with a wide knowledge of Kitchen Appliances after being first founded in 1886. Through their history they were the first brand to develop the first combined washer dryer with a non-stop programme in the year of 1972. They have innovation to bring eco-friendly and beneficial products to their customers. Their new development is HydroFresh technology. An example of this is it keeps our fruit and vegetables crisp, fresh and healthy for up to twice as long. As well as being good to the environment – because it means that we throw less food into the waste bin.


The new integrated i-Dos automatic dosing system determines precisely how much detergent and softener your washing needs and works to the nearest millilitre. By doing this, you not only have brilliantly clean washing – it helps you to save up to 7,062 litres of water per year. Whilst cutting the use of detergent and softener by 30%. That way, it’s good for the environment and for your wallet.

Bosch Appliances Southampton can be delivered and installed to any destination in and around Southampton.


Our customers are provided with quick free delivery on Bosch Appliances Southampton as well as installation. We will even remove your old product for you if you want. The german Appliance Store sell a wide range of appliances from Bosch Washing machines in Southampton to Dishwashers in Southampton.


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