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Miele Appliances

Miele is another German kitchen appliance brand that creates high quality products with the aim of being economy friendly. They were founded in 1899 and came up with the motto “Forever Better” (Immer Besser). Miele Appliances are widely spread all over the world, they have plants in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and China. Meaning that they help produce lots of work opportunities for many people.


A new advanced development is their CapDos capsule system. This cares for specialist clothing such as silks and wools by automatically dispensing CapDos capsules containing exactly the right amount of detergent at the appropriate point during the cycle.


Other Benefits their products have is that Miele ovens have Pyrolytic cleaning technology that removes the hassle of cleaning. Along with this, some ovens have a large 76 litre capacity giving you plenty of room to fit your cooking. Lastly, Miele products have been tested for the equivalent of 20 years.


Miele Appliances Southampton can be quickly delivered and installed to any area in or around Southampton. The German Appliance Store sell many of Miele’s products such as Miele Washing Machines Southampton and Miele Dishwashers in Southampton. The German Appliance Store can even remove your old appliances for you if you wish.



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