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Siemens Appliances Southampton are most probably the most well known and largest brand that we sell here at The German Appliance Store. We provide customers all over Southampton with Siemens Appliances from Washing Machines Southampton to Siemens Dishwashers Southampton. Siemens cater to all household Kitchen Appliances and are passionate about keeping the planet eco-friendly. Their German engineering is considered excellent and gives reliable performance. Siemens home appliances are also number 1 on the German home appliances market and are a leading home appliance brand in the world.


Siemens appliances have IQ Products that go in a range of IQ 100, IQ 300, IQ500, IQ700. 100 having the least features and 700 having the highest amount. Siemens Appliances Southampton will give you high tec, smart but easy technology. For example, Hobs that will start with a tap of your fingertips as well as making wiping your cooker down the a more simpler chore because it is simply a flat surface that has heated rings for your pans.

Siemens have also created iSensoric: The sensor-controlled technology for perfect laundry care. All you need to do is select the washing machine with the programs that best suit your lifestyle, such as varioPerfect, TextileGuard, Outdoor Wear, autoStain, Auto Programmes or the automatic dosage system i-Dos.


Siemens Appliances Southampton can be delivered and installed to any destination in Southampton.


Not only will you be taking part in saving the planet you will be helping cut your costs down at home. That's the beauty of Siemens, their products benefit everyone in the long run.



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